What is your preschool teacher style? Do you get to rock blue jeans to work? I love to surprise my classroom (and my co-workers and boss) by showing up in something fun to celebrate special days. Here I am rockin’ my cat shoes!

preschool teacher style, my cat shoes

How my cat shoes came to be

96% of my clothing comes from Momma’s Boutique (aka my mom’s closet) I always joke:

1. The hours are horrible, she only opens her store once every three to six months.

2. You don’t choose the clothes they are handed to you and usually already bagged.

3. They are nicer then anything you would buy yourself.

4. They are free! (Thank you, mom! If it weren’t for you, I would be running the streets naked, or in really cheap clothes!)

My mom doesn’t really appreciate my artistic embellishments to her purchases. However, since they were free to me and would otherwise go to the thrift shop, it was time to get creative. Anyway, this was my third pair of black sandals and they gave me a nice blister this summer and I hadn’t worn them since. I put them in the thrift shop pile but then thought, “or I could paint them!” We were getting ready for the letter C and I have a cute pair of sparkly cat ears, so there you go! Bonus: a week after I painted these shoes my daughter and her hubby purchased an adorable kitten from the local shelter and I now have my first fur grandbaby named Daisy! Isn’t she adorable?

my daughter's new cat

Here is my daughter, Rockin her Pete the Cat shirt. This is her first year teaching preschool, you can read more about her here. Her preschool teacher style is to order a cute shirt online and have it delivered to her house. So, we each celebrated National Cat Day in our own way.

my daughter in her Pete the cat shirt.

National Cat Day is October 29th.

Check out the other National holidays for October here on my “Celebrate October” page. When I Googled National Cat Day. I found some purrfect information on www.nationalcalendar.com

Directions to make your own pair of Cat shoes for your preschool teacher style.

You know when a search for a really good chicken dinner recipe on Pinterest and when you click on the best-looking picture to get the recipe and they leave out a bunch of steps? Yeah, that’s how I cook and also how I create. I view creating as messy and fun. If you are interested in making this your preschool teacher style, here are your really crappy directions:

Step 1: Find an old pair of shoes. First, look in the back of the closet, then ask your mom, or if you have to, go to the thrift shop, or if that grosses you out buy a new pair.

Step 2: Then, gather all of your acrylic paints, brushes, and some newspaper to paint on. (My hubby added this rule) If you don’t paint and have a cricket, cut out a cat face and do your thing.

Step 3: Google images of cat paintings and find one that matches your ability, a cartoon image, or a stick kitty works just as well. I looked for one that would look good on the crisscross.

Step 4: Next, pencil on your design so that it is even and centered. You can also use white chalk.

Step 5: To finish, lightly paint your design. I started with the nose, followed by the eyes and ears. After I was happy with the basic design I began adding more details, like the whiskers and shading. I kept tweaking and perfecting until I was very happy with the outcome. Usually, I add one more detail and take it a step further until I mess something up and have to fix it, that’s how I really know it’s finished.

Tips I learned after I painted my cat shoes

If these become your new favorite shoes you will want to spray them with a waterproof sealer. However, my plan is to wear them once a year for the letter C so, I didn’t do that.

How NOT to have the paint crack: don’t use thick or cheap paint, don’t water down the paint, and don’t apply paint to a stretchy fabric.

And my mom says “Get a pedicure!

pinterest picture for this blog post

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I enjoy doing God's work from the church basement where I have been a preschool teacher for the last 18 years. My husband and I have two newly grown and flown children. Our son just graduated college and is working his dream job and my daughter just got married and is in her first year teaching preschool at our church. It is a joy to see her everyday at work.


Louise Burne · November 7, 2020 at 9:40 am

Mom says . . . Time for a Pedi!

October · March 3, 2023 at 7:02 am

[…] National Cat Day (October 29th): If your family has a cat, celebrate National Cat Day by giving your furry friend extra attention and treats. You could also make cat-themed crafts or watch cat videos online. I made some cat shoes, you can see them here. […]

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