My Little Prince outer space Dress – preschool teacher style

When I was a kid, my mom had to leave for work before the bus came so, I walked to the neighbor’s house and would eat a bowl of cereal before catching the bus. “The Little Prince” was always on their TV. I loved watching all of his adventures. I bought this $7 dress with the plan to paint something on it. As I was searching Pinterest I found a Little Prince painting, perfect!!!

Confession, I got so excited to wear it to school that I wore it on the letter H day with absolutely no rhyme or reason. One of the girls asked if I painted my dress. Afraid that she would think it was ok to paint her own clothes, I told her I asked my mom first. She looked at me quizically… About 30 minutes later she asked, “So, are you a grown-up?” I showed her pictures of my family and it was kinda sad to admit that not only am I a grown-up but that my two children were grown-ups too. Preschool teacher life; they either think you are 14 or 100, never any in-between.

How to paint your own outer space dress

You know when a search for a really good breakfast casserole recipe on Pinterest and when you click on the best looking picture to get the recipe and they leave out a bunch of steps? Yeah, that’s how I cook and also how I paint. I view painting as messy and fun, it is my creative outlet. So here are your really crappy directions:


  1. Buy a clearance dress, get one from the thrift shop (except mine removed all of the dressing rooms from COVID, really hard to get clothes there now), or find an old one you don’t wear anymore.
  2. It’s best to wash and dry your clothing before painting on it.
  3. I found this image of the planet, the boy, and the fox on Pinterest. You can look for a blackline on Google, print it out, and cut out the outline. You can trace a dinner plate and eyeball the boy and the fox if you are comfortable doing this. The one One of the mistakes I made was only drawing this on computer paper, it would have been better to at least use card stock.
  4. I laid my cut out on the edge of the dress. Use some pink, yellow, and light purple to highlight the little prince. Then, use dark blue paint on a wadded up paper towel to add the atmosphere.
  5. I printed out some constellation flashcards, used a hole punch to punch out the stars, and then stenciled them in random places on the dress PRO TIP: my mom told me that more expensive outfits have a design that continues on the back. It looks cheap if you just end the design on the sides. So, continue the atmosphere and constellations onto the back of the dress. I was going to add the image of the little prince being lifted up by balloons on the back shoulder but it was getting late and needed it to dry.
  6. I then took my dress outside, dipping an old paintbrush into some white paint, I spattered the dress. PRO TIP: if you water down the paint, it will give you a starier-like appearance. If you use a thicker paint like I did, you will get long streaks of paint.
  7. You can heat set it by turning it inside out and ironing it (ask Google for exact instructions). Also, be careful washing your dress. I don’t recommend putting it in the dryer.

Voila! There you go!

National Space Day is the first Friday in May. You can check out other National Holidays for May here. When I googled National Space day I found some great information at you can read more about it here


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I enjoy doing God's work from the church basement where I have been a preschool teacher for the last 18 years. My husband and I have two newly grown and flown children. Our son just graduated college and is working his dream job and my daughter just got married and is in her first year teaching preschool at our church. It is a joy to see her everyday at work.


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