What Brings you Joy?

I’m here to provide you with Christian-based resources and support designed just for you. Whether you’re navigating your first year in the classroom or a seasoned teacher looking for new ideas, I’m all about equipping you with practical tools, honest advice, and a bit of encouragement. Together let’s bring joy into the classroom and make a difference for our little learners.

I see you wanting cute Christian resources!

I have struggled with wanting all of the fun themes and decor that other teachers are doing. I have been in your shoes trying to figure out how to set up a cute, thoughtful classroom. Let’s tackle this together one lesson plan and one bulletin board at a time. Stay connected and inspired! Sign up to join the newsletter.

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A little bit about me…

I’m Shannon, a passionate Christian preschool teacher living in sunny South Carolina, with over 20 years of experience teaching preschool. I created Joy and Sunshine Collective as my two grown children left the nest. My mission is to support and inspire fellow educators with faith-based resources, creative ideas, and practical tips. Join me in bringing joy, confidence, and love into our classrooms by planting Jesus in the hearts and heads of little learners.

Empowering Lives Through Faith and Education

Each number represents a life touched, a heart inspired, and a future brightened.

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