Easter activity for preschoolers

Here are 5 Unique Christian Easter Activity for Preschoolers To Enjoy

This Easter season, make it special with this Easter activity for preschoolers with these fun Christian-based activities and crafts. From egg hunts to making resurrection gardens, these ideas will help your little ones learn more about Christianity while having a blast!

1. Egg Hunt-Scavenger Style.

One meaningful idea that you can use is to transform your classic Easter egg hunt into a Christian-themed scavenger hunt for your preschoolers! I like to have a progressive Easter egg hunt. I stuff each of my colored eggs with the same object. For example, all of my yellow eggs have an Easter peep, and all of my purple eggs have jelly beans. Then, I hide all of the same eggs together in one area and each child finds one yellow egg. We move about until we have found all of our different egg colors. I call it a “Basket of meaning”. Hide these eggs around your school or playground and have your class search for them!

2. Story Eggs

You will need 12 different colored plastic eggs and an empty egg carton or a basket. You can print a picture or use small items to represent the different parts of the story. Here are the 12 egg ideas that I use;

  1. Earth– in the beginning God created the earth
  2. Baby Jesus– it is good for preschoolers to connect the Christmas story with the Easter story
  3. Boat– next talk about some of Jesus’ miracles
  4. palm branch– introduce Holy week to the children with the start of Palm Sunday
  5. a cracker– the last supper that Jesus had with his disciples
  6. coins– Judas betraying Jesus
  7. a feather– Peter denied Jesus before the rooster crows
  8. some grass– Jesus praying in the garden
  9. nails– Jesus dying on the cross
  10. a stone– Jesus was buried in a tomb
  11. Empty– Sunday morning, the tomb was empty
  12. a cotton ball– Jesus went to Heaven

Place each item in the plastic eggs and sit with your class and explain each part of the story. You can do this over a few days or open one egg each day leading up to Easter. This is a great visual to help the children understand. Ask questions throughout the lesson to gauge their understanding of the Easter story.

3. Act Out Bible Stories.

For a fun Easter activity that also teaches your preschoolers about the Easter Story, why not act out different parts with them? Choose some of their favorite Bible stories, like Palm Sunday, Washing the feet, or praying in the garden. If you’re looking for an easier option, you can also print out pictures from the story and create characters for your little ones to put on. It’s sure to be an exciting afternoon!

4. Make a resurrection garden

A resurrection garden is a meaningful way to teach children about the story of Easter. Choose a large shallow tray or container for the base of your resurrection garden. A dish or a baking tray works well. Fill the tray with potting soil. Place small rocks on top of the soil to create a pathway or a garden bed. Add some moss around the rocks to create a natural look. Place small twigs or sticks to make crosses. Add small figurines to represent the characters in the Easter story. For example, you can use small animal figurines to represent the animals at the stable where Jesus was born, or you can use small dolls to represent Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus. You can also plant seeds in the soil to represent new life and growth. Water your resurrection garden and place it in a sunny spot.

Encourage your children to care for the garden by watering it regularly and watching the seeds sprout and grow. Use the resurrection garden as a visual aid to teach your children about the Easter story and the resurrection of Jesus. Remember to explain the story of Easter and the significance of each element in the garden to your children. This is a great way to engage them in a hands-on activity that reinforces their understanding of the Easter story.

5. Color Eggs with a Meaningful Message.

Use this Easter egg craft activity as an opportunity to teach your preschoolers about the true meaning of Easter. You can have them draw crosses, or write words like “love” and “joy” on the hard-boiled eggs with crayons. When you dye the eggs, the dye won’t stick to the crayon marks. Or, you could write a Bible verse on one side of the egg, and then have them draw an associated picture on the other. They’ll love showing off their meaningful Easter eggs when they’re done!

In conclusion

In conclusion, there are many Christian Easter activities that are perfect for preschoolers. This Easter activity for preschoolers provides a fun and engaging way for preschoolers to learn about the story of Easter and the significance of the resurrection. By involving preschoolers in these activities, we can help them develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of this important Christian holiday.


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