What is friluftsliv?

I have a sweet teacher friend, Mrs. Jessica. She has become an inspiration to me. We love to get together, create art, share ideas, inspire each other, and gab. A few weeks ago she sent me a link, one word; friluftsliv! What does that mean you ask? It is a Scandinavian concept that means “open-air living”, going outside, and enjoying nature. She sent me the link saying we should meet up outside. Of course, my brain started going a mile a minute, and by the end of the night; I had a list of all the different things we could do, researched the concept, and saw that there was also something called friluftsliv barnehagen; open-air kindergarten, and revamped my entire blog. With all of the craziness going on in the world right now make sure you make room for some friluftsliv!

The season of fall

There is no bad weather, just bad clothes!

With so much to do in the fall, it’s easy to outside. You will find weekly nature devotions for all things fall. Picking pumpkins, walking in the leaves, or visiting a sunflower field.

If you are a teacher, (or anyone else for that matter) You need to take some time for yourself, get outside, and reconnect with God. My goal is that you enjoy some Sunday self-care. Pick an activity and then read the small devotional and feel your soul healing. I look forward to spending this season with you.

my signature, xoxo Shannon at Joy and Sunshine Collective

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