What happened when I added this step stool in the classroom? How to change the perspective and build self-confidence in a child.

Rules in the classroom

I have always had the rule that you can build a tower to your nose. I am not sure how this rule started, probably a wooden tower falling down and hitting someone or crashing and making a loud bang. So, what changed? Why did I chuck this rule? Sometimes we have inspiration for our class in strange places, what was mine?

the high heal shoes that inspired me

These Shoes!

These SHOES!!!! My daughter was headed to prom and these are the shoes she picked. Have you ever tried on shoes like these? With my short stature of around 5’2″ on a good day, doesn’t really have me reaching the top shelf at the grocery store. But in these shoes, I was no longer the shortest person in the house. It was great (except for seeing the dust on the top of the fridge).

Back in the classroom

Now, let’s head back to the classroom, as the teacher we have a different perspective of the room. If you were to see the class from the child’s eyes, the ceiling is so far away. But if you add a step-stool in the classroom, well that changes everything. Suddenly they start reaching as high as they can. They start looking out for their friends. They start looking up. The funny thing is I haven’t had a fight even though there is one stool and 16 children.

Sometimes the girls turn the stool over and it neatly houses all of the ponies in the divided sections acting as horse stalls. Sometimes they work together to make the tallest tower they can and sometimes if they stand on the step stool and hook together the oversized dowel rods and connectors they can touch the ceiling. I often see a child stand on the stool and just look around the room at his friends and at his new perspective. It is a lovely thing to watch. They almost seem to gain a sense of authority over their friends, if only for a minute. Having a step stool in the classroom helps to build a child’s confidence.

Bring it Back to Jesus

Bring it back to JesusĀ In my Sunday school class, at the end of each lesson there is a Christ Connection. When I am done reading the lesson I say to the class “Now we…” and they bring one hand to the other, clap, and say “Bring it back to Jesus!” So I will end each story by bringing it back to Jesus.

1 Corinthians 16:13 “Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong”

How do you feel when you stand on a stool or wear stilettos? Do you slump down? Do you cower? No, you stand up straight, you feel powerful and mighty. Sometimes the enemy tries to attack and as Christians, we must not cower. A soldier does not run away from the enemy, he stands firm. What a feeling of empowerment a step-stool in the classroom can bring.

May your day be filled with Joy and Sunshine,

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