December is a festive month with several national holidays that are exciting for kids. With all of the big Festivities in December you might overlook some of the silly days like monkey day, or cotton candy day. Here are some fun ways to celebrate these holidays with children:

Hanukkah: Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the miracle of the oil that burned for eight days in the ancient Temple in Jerusalem. Celebrate with your children by lighting the menorah, playing dreidel games, making latkes, and sharing Hanukkah stories.

Christmas (December 25): Christmas is a Christian holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Children can participate in decorating the Christmas tree, baking cookies, and making homemade ornaments. Other fun activities include singing Christmas carols, watching Christmas movies, and exchanging gifts.

Winter Solstice (December 21): This may be the shortest day of the year but we can still celebrate. I love to cover my room in fake snowflakes to welcome the children to school.

Kwanzaa: Kwanzaa is an African American holiday that celebrates family, community, and African culture. Encourage your children to learn about African traditions and heritage by lighting the kinara (candle holder), making traditional crafts, and enjoying traditional African cuisine.

New Year’s Eve (December 31): New Year’s Eve is a time to say goodbye to the old year and welcome in the new one. Children can participate in counting down to midnight, making resolutions, and enjoying a special meal or treat. You can also create a time capsule with your children to remember the year that has passed.

Let’s Celebrate

Overall, December national holidays are a great opportunity to teach children about different cultures, traditions, and celebrations. By engaging in fun activities and sharing stories, children can learn to appreciate and respect the diversity of the world around them.

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